Who am I? The Riddle

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How do you see yourself? When others say things to you and about you, does that cause a distortion in your own image? (yes, I know – it’s a very cheap way of linking that to the photos above). How do you reconcile those two so that you are able to get the clarity of who you are? Many a time, we are all formed in a way by the opinions, thoughts and actions of those around us. That’s good in some ways, especially so when they are role models that inspire us. But what if they are not so inspiring, and their words and actions are driven by ‘baser’ motivations wrapped up in ‘nobility’ and topped off by ‘this will be for their own good’?

So I referred to my favourite saint, St Francis, and does he have some mega high standards!

“Holy Wisdom destroys Satan and all his subtlety; Holy Simplicity destroys all the wisdom of this world and all the wisdom of the body; Holy Poverty destroys the desire of riches and avarice and the cares of this world ….” and it gets harder from then on. What’s a lowly human supposed to do? – crawl up in a corner and eat chocolates?

But that would’ve just caused too much inflammation and allergies so I referred to one of my favourite songs, The Riddle by Five for Fighting. The title would already tell you that there wouldn’t be a straight up answer, but I love that song; “in the scheme of things we’re nothing at all … there’s a reason for the world, you and I.” It’s a conundrum – like “Remember you are unique, just like everyone else.”

In the end, for me, even though the words of St Francis are hard to live by, remembering it may help me live a little closer to my own integrity, and then maybe I will know the reason why I am in this world.


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