Recognizing the right voice

There are well-meaning people everywhere. And at some point in your life, they will try to give you advice. From what job to go for, to where you should stay, to who you should be with, to what food you should consume. Everyone of us have known, and have, those people in our lives. It’s just human nature to voice an opinion, and maybe impose it – and they do it most of the time with the best of intentions ( I’d like to think :))

However if their intention is not your intention, then that’s where conflict comes in. Conflict with them and conflict within yourself, because you may start second-guessing yourself … ‘are they right?’, ‘maybe they know better than me’, ‘they are wiser than me’, etc, etc, etc. I have one word – STOP!

I have an inner voice  that I call The Lord/God/Jesus. You may have your own – Buddha, Allah, Vishnu, the Universe, the Source, your 6th sense, spirits. My inner voice has not always been so loud or clear, mainly because I had not practiced listening to it. It was usually just one way, with me doing most of the talking. However, recently, I decided to keep in touch with the Lord at least twice a day, and throughout the day when I can remember. When I feel that I have to set aside a lot of time solely to dedicate to an activity, it can get quite difficult to continue, especially something that I don’t particularly enjoy :P, but I know is good for me. But when I can incorporate little nuggets of these throughout my day, it is easier to carry out. And in the end, when I see the benefits of it – leading me to make better choices, to be reassured and comforted – it motivates me to continue it longer and more meaningfully. And sometimes, it’s just showing up. An analogy that I remember is like a man sitting in the sun – he’s not doing anything but in the end, you see a tan, and he has reaped the benefit of it (of course in these days of skin cancer, that may not be the best analogy ;)).

There are many voices in this world, all clamouring for your attention, and you need to make sure you are listening to the right one.


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