When there’s no balance – everything goes into a spin

As one makes that first step towards changing one’s life for the better, there’s usually some clean up that has to take place. You need to dump the crap that makes you feel crappy, and bring in the things that make you wholesome. Easier said than done. I have come across books, magazines, articles that suggest things like ‘No sugar’, ‘no gluten’, ‘no dairy’, ‘no negativity’. The common thing in that statement – No. I don’t know about you, but I think ‘No’ is pretty hard to do. That means it’s out of your life completely. No sugar?? NNOOOOOooooo. Cheesecake, dark chocolate mudpies, pancakes topped with fruits and dripping with chocolate sauce – there’s already the triple threat of sugar, gluten and dairy in that. So a total and complete ‘No’ to that? Noooooo. No negativity? I think even the most optimistic among us would have felt tinges of negativity. Even Pollyanna  grappled with anxiety and doubt.

What works for me is Less. Less sugar, less gluten, less dairy, less negativity. And on the flip side – More. Because life is a balance – there is the Yin and the Yang, the East and the West, the pots and the pans. You have too much of one, and the whole environment loses balance. It goes into a spin. Like a scale that you need to balance, you move the weights around – more of some and less of the other. So less sugar, less gluten, less dairy, less negativity; more exercise, more meditation, more optimism, more courage.



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