Clearing up the stuffed up sinuses

I had a bout of vertigo – 3 bouts actually – a few years back. It was quite scary and I remember it well because it happened when I was sleeping. But I must have been very sleepy because I remember not being overly freaked out by the spinning room when I opened my eyes. It was in the morning that I freaked, after seeing the GP who said (quite flippantly in my opinion), ‘It can’t be cured. But at least you feel like you are sitting on a roller-coaster.’ ………… I hate roller-coasters.

There were warning signs before the onset – cricket noises in my ear. I guess it could’ve been worse. Apparently some people hear train noises. That’d be hard – you walk along the street and you jump out of the way because you think the train is barreling down on you. Crickets are better.

But I digress. So I went to a medical professional, who diagnosed me as having severe sudden sensorineural deafness. Like …. ‘WHAT?’. Any time someone says severe, they better be able to run fast or back up their assertions. I felt he did neither. Of course, had he done the former, it would have been very unprofessional.

I was peeved with his diagnosis because he did not ask me about my diet, exercise routine, smoking habits, alcohol intake, allergies, medications or head circumference. And he ignored my previous cold and upper respiratory tract infection episodes. So not only was he disinterested, he was also dismissive. That’s a double whammy. I had to suggest that an allergy test be done, when all he wanted to do was to poke the scope down my nose.

As most of us know, our body is interconnected. So one part of the body, even how far away, may affect another. E.g your gait may affect your alignment of your lower limb bones, which could affect your hips, which could affect your back, which could affect your shoulders, which could affect your neck and your head; or your headache could be caused by a pain in the butt. My analysis is that my dairy consumption over many, many years had a negative effect on my immune system. This caused the antibodies to become dumb and undiscerning, attacking anything that came into my system. These attacks released histamines and other chemicals that caused inflammation. And when the colds came, drainage in the sinuses was poor …. and pooled. So stuff got stuck, which caused the imbalance to the vestibular system, resulting in the vertigo. Ta-dah!

So what I did was to cut down on sugar and dairy products, take probiotics (to strengthen my immune system and to wise up my IgE antibodies so that they didn’t get alarmist and over-react when non threatening substances entered my body) and omega-3s (to reduce inflammation). And I have to give the medical professional some credit – the nasal spray that he prescribed was included my treatment plan.

If you want an explanation about how sugar causes inflammation and affects the immune system, have a read of Why is Sugar Bad for You.


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