Oh when the pigs go marching in

What can we learn from animals? Well, this particular animal at least, because we can’t generalize and assume that Porky would react the same way as Phlubber (yes, I’ve named the hero pig ; Ph pronounced as F). For those of you who don’t know, a little background. At a petting zoo, Gonzo (a goat kid), gets his hoof caught in the middle of the pond. He bleats his little heart out and Phlubber comes swimming over, nudges him and they both make their way out, as if they had just completed an uneventful paddle in the pond.

Notice that Phlubber does not nag Gonzo (‘why didn’t you wear a floatie?’) or lord it over him (‘I saved your life! See what I did? I saved your life – you owe me one!’). In fact in the video, Phlubber later continues what he was probably doing when Gonzo got stuck – eating. But he heard the call, stopped what he was doing, did what he had to do, and then came back and continued what he had been doing. No fuss, no ceremony, no g(l)oating. Just getting the job done.

Go pigs!


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