How to lessen your back pain – maybe

I’ve had back pain for a long time. And as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’ve tried a lot of different therapies. However, somehow, nothing really worked for me.

Before I get to the article and thoughts that helped me, let’s experiment. Stand up and then bend down as if you are going to pick up something from the floor. Pick up using your hands and not your feet …….. yes, some people need that level of specificity. OK, I bet 99% of you are still sitting down and trying to scroll down to the article. But for the benefit of the 1%, I’ll wait.


<stand up, stretch>

OK now do it again, but this time notice where you are bending from when you bend down. I’ll wait again.


<stand up, stretch>

If you are like how I was (that’s a strange sounding sentence), you would have bent down at your waist. However the correct way to bend is at the hips! Where are the hips? That’s that part of the body you may use if you want to bodycheck the person who is trying to squeeze in the train before you/reaching for the lobster plate at the buffet. If you are the type that uses your shoulder, then I hope you know where your hips are. But this is the article that helped me

And it also made me realise that it’s not enough to look at the symptoms, you need to know what is underlying your problems. Sometimes it could be tight muscles in which case doing repetitive exercises may not help if it’s not releasing the muscles. So after reading that article, I just tried to be more conscious of bending from the hips. And to release my muscles when required. Sounds basic enough, no? 🙂

And a final thought: the meerkats/lemurs/raccoons, in the Madagascar movies, that sing ‘I like to move it move it’, have the right idea. You need to move it too.


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  1. Maybe you should think about doing some study in kinesiology. They also look quite a lot into emotional anatomy. Once again *clap clap!

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