This could turn out to be a sabbatical

I am on sabbatical – I think I use the word loosely because basically I am unemployed at the moment. Sabbatical conveys a purpose, a goal that you are progressing toward outside of your normal occupation. So far all I’ve been doing is eating, doing more physical exercise than I have in the past 2 years, shopping, wandering around town. OK, so I am not on sabbatical, I’m slacking.

However hopefully that changes soon. I figure it’s just a change of perspective. I kinda have in mind what I want – that’s good right? – a sense of purpose, determination. I know what I want. Or it could be stubborn and inflexible, if you want to put a negative spin on it. But look at the website – there are clouds! so no negative talk here. But if I stick to that purpose without reason and openness, it does take on the negative and becomes stubbornness and inflexibility. So yesterday, a balloon (albeit small, not those gigantic ones that look as if they are bursting at the rubber and can pop loudly at anytime) of a thought came to mind – what if I start my own practice here in Brisbane. What is stopping me? Lack of contacts, lack of space. Important? Probably? Able to solve? Probably. Lack of contacts – start creating some. It’s networking and it’s hard to get started. Lack of space – it’s money after all isn’t it? You need money to make money, so the saying goes. So rent a place! Buy a car and do some mobile therapy! There are possibilities! Can you sense the excitement with the !!! It’s just whether I am able to hang on to that balloon and free myself of the constraints I’ve put on myself.

Which brings me into a nice segue (I’ve always wanted to use that word). I have been blessed. After the change in career, I’ve gotten every job that I interviewed for. And it’s always just been 1 or 2 interviews (showoff!). And so I am hoping that this may be a continuing trend. But if it doesn’t pan out – I just have to look harder at alternatives, or really start on a sabbatical!

But there is no outcome at this point in time – and my waiting is now ‘Good waiting’. See definitions below.

Definitions of waiting –
When you know your transportation is coming in just a few minutes and you are already there – Good waiting.
When you are told your transportation is coming in a few minutes, but it doesn’t come till 30 minutes later. – Bad waiting.
Busting to go but there is a long queue in the restroom – Very bad waiting.


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  1. Your writing righting groove is back. Maybe this is what you should do during this sabbatical. Write right?

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