Introducing My Blog

If you are asking that question ‘Who is my guru?’, well, it is not me – but for a fee, I could be ….. naaah, I couldn’t. 😀 (how do I get emoticons to work on this website? ….. oh there it is).

So finally, today, on the 7th of September, I had a light-bulb moment; no, an epiphany; no, an alleluia moment (the italics to convey the singing), about what my 4th attempt blog would be about. No limits, no boundaries, no constraints. So basically like a drunk writer, this is about everything and anything I am remotely interested in, or have shown interest in. So that would be music, guitar, photography, juggling, nutrition, natural health remedies, exercise, laziness, anxiety, faith, hope, visits to health practitioners, modes of transportation, rubber ducks, rubber bands, … and why those balloons keep blocking my title and taglines. So in a nutcase, I mean, nutshell, heavy duty content.


16/9/2012 update: No I wasn’t drunk and you aren’t hallucinating. There are no balloons. It took a while to settle on the background design. Not quite sure that what you see now is what I am settling on.


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